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Current Events and Announcements:

2014 Alma Dea Morani, M.D. Renaissance Woman Award

The Foundation for the History of Women in Medicine is pleased to announce that the 2014 Alma Dea Morani, M.D. Renaissance Woman Award recipient is Dr. Deborah German, M.D. Dr. German is the Vice President for Medical Affairs and Dean of the College of Medicine at the University of Central Florida College of Medicine.

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Ciara Breathnach, Ph.D. Presents Research at the Countway Library of Medicine

Ciara Breathnach, Ph.D. presenting her research.

On Wednesday, May 7 in a packed room at the Countway Library of Medicine, Foundation Fellow Ciara Breathnach, Ph.D gave a wonderful presentation on her research. The group who gathered to hear her speak, in her lilting Irish accent, were captured by the stories she told of the many women from the late 1800's through early 1900's who passed through hospitals in the New England area and what their experiences were like. The audience responded with many thoughtful questions after the presentation was finished, which Breathnach answered with enthusiasm.

Her paper, titled “Irish, pauper patients and the American maternity hospital, 1860-1913” was derived from the archives of the New England Hospital for Women and Children (established 1862), held at the Countway Library’s Center for the History of Medicine. She pulled everything on Irish patients and maternity that was available, compiling a 553 Irish patient sample that she then studied.

Their stories are largely unknown because these patients were neither rich nor respected in their time, but these documented experiences are powerful pieces of history and tell us much about the conditions of living and giving birth for Irish-American women in that time period. Breathnach’s extensive research provides a compelling perspective on medical treatment for poor women during this time period in America. The Foundation is extremely pleased to see her research and preserve the lives of 553 women whose stories may not have otherwise been told.

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Wilma Siegel Named Foundation Board President

Photo of Wilma Siegel, FHWIM PresidentThe Foundation Board is pleased to announce that Wilma Bulkin Siegel, M.D. has been named President of the Foundation beginning July 1, 2012. Wilma Bulkin Siegel, M.D. graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1958 and received her medical degree in 1962 at Woman's Medical College of Pennsylvania. She has had a distinguished career as a prominent oncologist in New York City and is noted as establishing one of the first Hospices in the state of New York, and one of the first to accept AIDS patients.
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