The Alma Dea Morani, M.D. Renaissance Woman Award

Alma Dea Morani Award


The Alma Dea Morani Award is our most prestigious form of recognition, given to a woman who has left a significant mark on history and pivotally advanced the future. Our community of awardees is second to none, with achievements that often break entirely new ground. We are proud to name the discovery of the breast cancer gene, the appointment of the first woman president of the American Psychiatric Association, and the founding of the Program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia among the many milestones our awardees have attained.


Specifically, this award will honor an outstanding woman physician or scientist who has

  • Furthered the practice and understanding of medicine in our lifetime and made significant contributions outside of medicine;
  • Utilized their own determination and spirit to carry themselves beyond traditional pathways in medicine and science; and,
  • Challenged the status quo with a passion for learning.

In addition to presenting the award, we host a topic-driven dialogue to leverage the unique experience of our current awardee, past awardees and board members in order to produce a white paper. The discussion and output of this interaction strives to provide valuable insight into the future of medicine at large, as well as the future of women in medicine.

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